Riddles About Lorilyn - How Well Do You Know Her?

1. What does Lorilyn Roberts have in common with Charles Dickens that is unique among all writers?

2. What bizarre thing did Lorilyn do underwater that was dangerous?

3. What country was Lorilyn in when she fled in the middle of the night to escape war?

4. Who is Lorilyn’s hero (female and an author)?

5. What unusual and terrifying event happened to Lorilyn when she was 4 at Christmastime in New York City?

First person to answer all the questions correctly will receive a free copy of my children’s book, The Donkey and the King. I will announce the answers once there is a winner or post on October 1 if there are no winners. Please email your responses to llwroberts@cox.net.

Have fun!

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