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Grace said...

The Asquinn Family Saga:
The James Bay Frontier

The Book is in three parts;

Part One

Into The James Bay Frontier

A young woman, Erma Asquinn, with three- year- old twins, Marty and Martha and a six-year-old, Ken, and Ricky, the baby in her arms, leave all that is familiar in her home in Aberystwyth, Wales. Erma follows her missionary husband, Obediah Asquinn across the ocean and to Canada. Eventually she ends up in Northern Ontario on the very tip of the province; a vast area known as The James Bay Frontier and where the beautiful white Trillium blooms. The Trillium is a flower that grows in abundance on the wooded forest floor in the spring and is the symbol of abundance, peace, and prosperity.

Erma finds memories of living in the James Bay Frontier bitter sweet.

Devil worshiping abounds in this dark and heathen area and Erma worries how these evil spirits will affect her children, the four that arrived in the hamlet of Forest Lake with her and the other children born later. Erma realizes her husband has been called by God to come to this are to prepare a people for Him.

Ken meets another boy, Matthew Turehue his age who becomes his life-long friend. Matt has a sister, Charlotte. Ken is betrothed to Charlotte and Matt is betrothed to Martha.
It is Matt's dream to become a policeman with Ontario's police force. Ken follows this dream along with him.

Part Two
Where The Trail Forks

In part two Erma's oldest son, Ken, the child of her heart, and his best friend, Matt Turehue are not living the well behaved christian life as they did when boys. During their high school and teen years both boys, being only human, stumble and stray from Christ- like living. For years the friends, now married to their childhoods betrothals, live anything but a godly life. Now almost nineteen years old and waiting to enter the police academy in Regina, Saskatchewan, they live the way in every way a christian should not. They get lofty ideas and want more than the little hamlet of Forest Lake offers. They want to joined the mounties instead of the provincial police.
A rift is formed between both sets of parents and when it's time to leave for police college, the trail forks and Erma wonders if it will ever be repaired again. Pastor Asquinn reassures her the boys (now married to Martha and Charlotte) will be back with their tails between their legs.

Part Three

No Greener Pastures

Ken and Matt have graduated from police college and are full- fledged members of Canada's famed Mounted Police. But are they happy? Ken is given a placement in a small town in Saskatchewan while Matt is placed on an Indian reservation on the northern tip of the province. Both continue living ungodly lives.
Charlotte, with their two sons, Murray and Kirk, leaves Ken because of his unfaithfulness, but when Ken arrives in Forest Lake, she is all too ready to forgive him his transgressions against her and Ken forgives her transgression against him. They get back together again and after the church is certain he's returned solidly to God's fold, reinstates him to church fellowship. He's stumbled but in God's grace, he did not completely fall.
Ken quits the Mounted Police and joins Ontario's own police force. Immediately Charlotte notices he is more at peace.
Matt and Martha have stayed together. Matt arrives with Martha and the two boys, Gerald and Lyle, back in Forest Lake three years later and together the old friends patrol the streets of Forest lake.
In the end Ken and Matt found out there are no greener pastures but God's greener pastures.

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