One More Serving

Why is it that we live in a world constantly changing and yet can have our life dramatically changed by one event? Do we get so comfortable in our own skin that we forget we are at the mercy of God and the hand of His plan?
ONE MORE SERVING came about as the result of recognizing how much even a single circumstance, a single decision, a single individual can impact countless others. Containing the true stories of ordinary individuals who became extraordinary because of their response to a defining moment, ONE MORE SERVING asks readers probing questions about their lives and challenges them to really live a life that is more full and more satisfying.

Have you ever passed someone on the street who looked down on their luck, ever wondered how an individual ended up in the circumstances they ended up in, ever looked the other way to avoid confronting someone who appeared to be no one you could let in your comfort zone?

Many of us might be surprised to learn we are more like those individuals than different. We may not think we swim in the same stream and yet we might be just one circumstance, one situation, one event or one person away from having the life we know today hijacked and taken to a place we never dreamed possible. Defining moments can be positive or negative. The effect is often a direct result of our response.

How different would your life be if you lived in a different city or country, had different parents, lost your job or had a different one, became a parent or had no children or had a different health situation? What would be different for you if you had or had not abused substances, completed your education, met your soul mate, had a relationship with God, said what you said or done what you did?

One act, one event, one circumstance, one person CAN change everything.

We may not know when a defining moment is coming but we will never forget when it arrives. Will you be ready when that moment comes to change your life? ONE MORE SERVING....Because life is meant to be full.

AUTHOR: Kathy Brunner

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