I was teaching in a tough part of Liverpool and had just taken my life in my hands – it was my turn to do playground duty! As I watched those little rascals being themselves. I thought of the churches in the area, mine included. I thought of the churches in the area, mine included. They offered nothing that was remotely on those children’s wavelength. The situation seemed hopeless. Dead churches don’t reach lively kids.

Then I read about the God of life and fruitlessness, who caused a baby to be born to two old people. Couldn’t he also cause life to spring out of deadness for these children of the twentieth century? God had shown me demonstration of his person and power, but could I dare to believe he would do for me what he did for Sarah? Would he give me spiritual children in the barren womb of my own situation?

I timidly told him I believed that what he had promised he was able to perform. Then I went ahead in trust and started a club for the kids.

Confused and frightened, old before their time, these children did not understand the truth about the God who would satisfy them. But they came, they listened, and they believed. Though the off-spring of my efforts were not nearly as numerous as Abraham’s, life sprang out of darkness, and God was delighted! The kids and I were delighted, too. They had found the God in whom they could trust.

Those of us who know the Lord need to reach out beyond our own families and realize that some people have never been prayed for by name even once. They need to be reached for Christ and his Kingdom. Single people can become spiritual mothers, too! Look around you. Do the children in your neighbourhood look as though they wouldn’t be interested in Jesus? Don’t you believe it. God still brings life into the most impossible situations. Step out in faith – the children are waiting for you.

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