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Christian Book Marketing, specializing in Christian Author Promotions and Book Marketing providing targeted online marketing for Christian Authors within the Christian marketplace. We utilize the power of the Internet combined with professional author promotions and book marketing techniques that provide expanded online marketing, increases traffic and gathers the attention of book lovers.

If you are tired of running around joining sites and communities, only to interact with other authors while trying to pump up your book and create book buzz, we understand where you are coming from. Many first time authors fall into this trap. It's time consuming and the rewards are few. Many times authors spend endless hours trying the self promotions and marketing route only to end up disappointed in the end and discouraged. Few find success.

Other times and especially the self published author or those using print on demand publishers soon find out that the available means for author promotions and book marketing through their publisher falls short and especially with regards to the in print book data bases that house gazillions of other authors and their books. The numbers might be impressive, however, authors soon find out that they are simply a faceless, nameless person among the millions of other authors listed in those data basis. What are the chances of someone performing a word search using a authors name or book title out of the millions listed. It rarely happens. Now consider the odds for a first time author by name or new book title.

Authors also soon find out that most print on demand publishers publish and print books, yet provide very little author promotions and book marketing other than the standard.

We at Christian Book Marketing provide authors with professional author promotions and book marketing services that attracts Christian readers and book lovers. We utilize the power of the Internet combined with the Christian marketplace and our network of Christian sites, which has a huge online presence.

Our network of Christian sites have been online for many years, are well established and have a national and worldwide audience, following and readership. We are further networked with other great Christian networks, communities and social communities that further expands the reach of our network and marketing capabilities through memberships and powerful feeds. We call this reach, simple multiplication, that continues to grow.

All of our Christian sites share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, Kingdom principles, the word of God, salvation, encouragement and hope. Now that's good news for the Christian Author, as a high percentage of our readers are Christian’s or those seeking a relationship with Christ.

We also help Christian authors that do not have author web sites or blogs to create them. Many times authors do not have the experience, the knowledge, the programming or the time to design and create a authors web site. Other times authors find themselves dependent upon the standard single pages that their publisher has provided them with, which can at times fall short.

Every author needs his or her own authors web site or blog that showcases their book, book description, book reviews, about the author, other important information and where and how to order their books. This and building a strong online presence is a must for every author and should be a high priority on their marketing list.

Regardless of what your needs are. Maybe just some advice or direction. Maybe some help creating and launching your own authors web site / blog. Maybe a professionally designed book trailer , a professional book review, press release or maybe you are in need of some expanded online professional author promotions and book marketing. Again, we at Christian Book Marketing can help.

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Feel free to contact us. We will create a custom tailored author promotions and book marketing package for you that will get you the marketing that you deserve, within a well established Christian network of sites while creating a online presence for you as a author.

Check out our new Christian Book Review services which is an addition to our services by popular demand. Be sure to see our Christian Book Marketing page where you will find various promotional packages and our Christian Press Release page for further information about press releases.

Let the staff at Christian Book Marketing help you sow the seeds of God’s Word into good ground nationally and internationally to the nations of the world.

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