Angel Brown Shares In-Depth Spiritual Knowledge In New Book

Throughout the pages of The Great X-Cape II (God’s Amazing Love), author Angel Brown shares her very personal history of emotional challenges and spiritual transformation. Bolstered by moving anecdotes and vivid testimonials, Brown’s insightful memoir is a Scripturally-sound account of the unconquerable power of faith, encouraging readers to maintain hope in the face of the most extreme circumstances – always believing that a loving, forgiving God will guide your steps to a better, brighter future. The central message of Brown’s inspiring insights? Finding a spiritual hiding place in God, where our troubles can no longer find us. By this notion, Brown doesn’t imply that readers run away from the challenges that confront them; rather, she implores them to establish a sound, fulfilling relationship with God, from which we can all derive the power necessary to overcome any obstacle that may bedevil us. Much is made of an individual’s ability to stand and fight his/her own battles, but in The Great X-Cape II (God’s Amazing Love), Brown reminds us that the only Superhero in this world is God Himself, and only by trusting in His divine omnipotence can we ever live lives of true happiness and fulfillment. Brown’s book is the sequel of her first book, “The Great X-Cape.” Cathy Hernandez-Brown (Angel Brown) is the author of two books, an inspirational speaker, a radio show host, and recently released her 3rd Gospel album, “More Than A Conqueror.” Visit author Angel Brown’s website at to order this powerful and inspirational memoir or to order other books and/or Gospel albums by Angel Brown.

ISBN: 9781456761684

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