Author Book Marketing That Goes The Extra Miles

I came by this site that offered author promotions and book marketing on 20 sites for 3 months. The price seemed fair, however, what about the additional 9 months of the year? In comparing the marketing prices to others I found that while the three month marketing price seemed reasonable, in the long run or shall I say short run, it fell short.

What if it were possible to get your book marketed on 100 sites for one full year and at a cost that is author friendly? What if this could be accomplished without monthly or quarterly renewal fees 90 days down the road? 365 days of online marketing is by far better than 90 days. Plus what about all those broken links if at the end of the 90 days you decide not to renew the marketing? That could be devastating.

Take the challenge, your book on 100 sites for one full year. Regardless of what you have authored, contact Christian Book Marketing and let's put a marketing program into place for you that will promote your book without digging deep into your pockets. You can also email us at

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