Author Shari Hadley, From the Cauldron to the Cross

Author Shari Hadley writes her incredible journey, From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian. Once a devout Wiccan, the author found her life in a pit of despair after the tragic death of her husband.  Her religion as a Wiccan had only left her feeling empty and angry.  Her journey led her to renounce Wicca, and begin a new life in Christ as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Experience this amazing true story of one woman who found truth despite the lies.  With much perseverance she found complete freedom in Christ, the One true living God. 

Shari Hadley's life was marred with childhood abuse, sorrow and grief.  She came to know that life was difficult at an early age as she endured mental and physical abuse throughout her childhood.  But life changed for the better after meeting Randy, her husband.  Happily married with a son of five years old, life abruptly changed after horrifying news of the death of her husband.  After the police left her house that night, the author shares her heart-felt struggles, as she questioned for the first time her faith in Wicca.  

Recommended for new Christians and especially those who call themselves Wiccans, this book addresses the very real struggles individuals may have and gives insight into the spiritual warfare that is involved with partaking in the worship and religion known as Wicca.  This book is a bold testimony to the power and salvation of the Lord that has the power over all evil.  An intriguing and enlightening read that all will enjoy. 

"This is a great story that will help you better understand the kingdom of darkness that engulfs many people in this fallen world" (Dr. Neil T. Anderson).    

For more information about the author and the book, visit  From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian. You may also get your copy of From the Cauldron to the Cross, My Journey From Wiccan to Christian on Amazon and other fine online book stores.

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