Author Sherrill S. Cannon | Cure JM Foundation Fundraiser

About the Fundraiser
50% of the cost of the following award-winning books by author Sherrill S. Cannon will go directly to the Cure JM Foundation. Thank you for your support!
The Cure JM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-managed organization dedicated to finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM). JM is a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune conditions affecting approximately 17,000 children in the United States alone. Visit the Cure JM Foundation website.
Addie is a seven year old child with a beautiful smile and a lot of courage.  Addie is fighting JDM (juvenile dermatomyositis) and is a little angel with a lot of heart.  She has been mentioned on the Acknowledgements Page of Gimme-Jimmy as one of the prayer children for whom the author wrote the book. 50% of the book price goes to the CureJM Foundation to help find a cure for this debilitating disease… so that Addie and others like her can live the full and happy life that they deserve!
Here is some information on this disease:
Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Juvenile Polymyositis are the most common forms of JM (Juvenile Myositis)- a rare autoimmune disease that affects approximately 17,000 children and adults. JM causes a variety of debilitating symptoms including: Muscle weakness and pain, Severe fatigue, Rashes, Swallowing and digestive difficulties, Lung and heart problems, Vasculitic ulcers,Calcinosis. Some children may experience a remission, while others will battle JM their entire lives, and complications from this disease can prove fatal. Medication can help to alleviate the symptoms of Juvenile Myositis, but there is no known cure.

About the Fundraiser and Sherrill S. Cannon's Books
Author Sherrill S. Cannon has made her children's books available as a fundraiser for the Cure JM Foundation.  The books are suitable for ages 3-8.  50% of each sale will benefit the Cure JM Foundation.
Santa's Birthday Gift
If your child or grandchild has ever wondered where Santa fits in with the traditional Christmas story, now you can read them Santa's Birthday Gift. Finally, a book that ties two holiday traditions into one inspirational tale of wonder – as Santa brings gifts to baby Jesus. The cleverly-written, rhyming book reveals Santa's adventure from toymaker to star follower — right into the heart of Bethlehem where he meets Baby Jesus in the manger. Delivering toys to a king is a touching experience for both Santa and readers alike, as they discover where the tradition began — Santa makes a promise to Jesus to bring gifts to good boys and girls each year on Jesus' birthday.
Keep the spirit alive this Christmas season while honoring the miraculous birth of Jesus and the magic of Santa Claus with Sherrill S. Cannon's original children's book, Santa's Birthday Gift, winner of a 2011 Readers Favorite Silver Medal as well as a 2011 Indie Excellence Finalist Award. $11.50  Buy NowView the Press Release
Peter and the Whimper-Whineys
No one likes a whiner! Finally, a children's book to help parents cope with whining and complaining children.
Peter is "a very small rabbit who did nothing but whine." And of course, no one wants to be around anyone who is always whining, so Peter is not a very popular rabbit.
One day Peter's mother warns him that if he cannot stop whining, he will have to go live with the Whimper-Whineys. And no one wants to do that!
This fun, rhymed children's adventure follows Peter as he hops into the woods and finds himself amid a group of frightening Whimper-Whineymen! He discovers that the Whimper-Whineys are ill-mannered and rude, and that it's not very pleasant in Whimper-Whineland.
Peter and the Whimper-Whineys is the winner of a 2011 Readers Favorite Bronze Medal as well as a 2011 USA Best Books Finalist Award.
Will Peter learn to stop whining? $13.00  Buy Now | View the Press Release
The Magic Word
What should a child do when no one wants to come to her birthday party, and she fears she has no friends? Elisabeth needs to learn The Magic Word and to use it every day. It's a word that everyone needs to use!
Elisabeth "never said thank you, excuse me or please. She made fun of people, she'd argue and tease. She took what she wanted whenever she could, Elisabeth's manners were not very good."
So begins Elisabeth's rhymed story. Her mother suggests that she become more considerate of others, and tells her to say "please" as well as "thank you." Elisabeth starts following her mother's advice and is delighted to discover that she now has lots of friends, all wanting to come to her birthday party! This wonderful rhyming book will have your kids saying "please" buy them the book! $12.50  Buy Now | View the Press Release
The Magic Word is the winner of six 2011-12 awards: Readers Favorite Gold Medal, Pinnacle Achievement Award, Reader Views Second Place award, Global eBook Finalist Award, Next Generation Indie Finalist award and an International Book Award (IBA) Finalist.
Her wonderful new book, Gimme-Jimmy, begins: "James Alexander's nickname was Jim, but nobody would be friends with him. No one wanted to play with Jimmy, for Jim Alexander always said, 'Gimme.' "
Imagine what happens when every time Jimmy the bully says the word "Gimme," his hand begins to grow larger! How can he ever turn the situation around? Would being polite help? Gimme-Jimmy is the winner of a 2012 Readers Favorite Silver Medal and a 2012 NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award. $13.00 Buy Now | View the Press Release

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