Christian author R.G. Coleman, Why Don’t I Feel My Faith

Title: Why Don't I Feel My Faith
By: R.G. Coleman
ISBN# 978-9988-1-7570-2
Review Date: February 8, 2013
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Christian author R.G. Coleman writes to all believers in Christ, Why Don't I Feel My Faith-Making Sense of Life in Christ.  This book addresses the issue of what real faith is according to the Bible.  The author connects the gaps between feelings versus believing and knowing by giving new and mature believers the correct perspective, attitude and scripture to reveal what true faith is.  Living the Christian life does not spare us from trials, but rather giving our lives to the will of God is what culminates into real faith.  This is an encouraging and inspiring read that will help believers to develop their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, whatever the circumstances may be. 

As believers, the author speaks that we are told to have faith and not to doubt (James 1:6), but when disappointments come, many question their faith.  They question whether or not God cares or even hears their prayers.  R.G. Coleman takes a look at these issues and reassures believers that the true Christian walk is to take up one's cross, deny himself and to follow the Lord.  The author compassionately, and with the use of much scripture, shows why it is important to change one's thinking to be Christ like-minded.  In doing so, one will be able to have a true, real faith that will, ". . . stand the test of time." 

Brief, but enlightening chapters such as: Between Belief and Experience, Faith: What Is It, Getting Our Perspectives Right, When God Molds a Man, Training the Habit of Faith, and Tying It All Together give the reader the definition of what true biblical faith is.  The author intertwines the Scripture and hymnal verses that are profound that declare the truth of the Gospel to believers and non-believers alike.   

The author poignantly suggests that are there things one can do to increase faith, without such disciplines, believers will lack the communication and trust in our Heavenly Father to know that He is in control.  With this in mind, the author points the readers to some very important action points, such as: the reading of the Word, prayer, worship services and the reading of Christian history, biographies and teaching materials.  This book is highly recommended for those that want to remain steadfast in their faith, whether they feel their faith or not.

For further information about the author and the book Why Don't I Feel My Faith visit R.G. Coleman. You may also get your copy of Why Don't I Feel My Faith at Amazon in Kindle Edition and at R.G. Coleman's Faithwriters page.

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