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I Did Not Know

An unforgettable tragic story of drug abuse and addiction that led one athlete to God!

Brian Irons writes his own autobiography in I Did Not Know.  Once a promising athlete with dreams of becoming a star basketball player, Brian Irons, reveals the day that changed that dream forever. 

This is a poignant true-story of drug abuse and addiction that started with only one puff of marijuana just for kicks.  The author had no idea that this one puff would lead into full blow addiction to heroin and other hard-core drugs.  His drug abuse even would span the spectrum of pills, to cough syrup and Tylenol with Codeine.  He could not have imagined that his life's dreams would be forever changes.

Then came the day when his heart stopped for 11 minutes and his body went into a 10-day coma.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury due to this and the nerves in his legs would be permanently damaged.  Never again would he be an athlete. 

Brian Irons has written this book as a testimony to God and to help others in inspiring them that God can turn their mistakes into good while helping others in the process.  This book speaks of the life-giving turn around that Brian Irons found in Jesus Christ as His Savior and gives hope to other addicts that they too can find life, no matter what their past experiences may be.  A highly recommended read for those addicted to drugs that gives a message that 'drug use is life abuse.'  It is the author's hopes that his story will bring others into the light of Jesus Christ and out of darkness – giving them hope in Jesus Christ. 

For more information about the author, his book and some great ministry visit Heroin Addict to Overdose where you can order Brian's book I Did Not Know. You may also get your copy of I Did Not Know at Amazon. This is a must read for those struggling with addiction in search of freedom and hope.

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