What Does The Bible Say About Why We Are Here

Ever wonder about Heaven? - Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul available at Barnes and Noble speaks of Heaven answering a variety of questions for those who wonder. 

There is only one road to Heaven, as the author states inviting others to examine their standing for Heaven through a biblical perspective offering insight into being born again, the question of religion, salvation, eternity and much, much more.  

Read about scriptural foundation of who man is, to include teaching that man was created in the image of God and that man is a spirit with a physical body.  Jesus is revealed as the Messiah and King who will come and judge all the world and rule the world.  The teachings within this exciting read combine 7 of the author's book into one, presenting eternity and Heaven through thought-provoking scriptural application. 

Very highly recommended for those who question if God or Heaven do in fact really exist.  If there is a Heaven, would you like to go there?   Why you were created? and what about your purpose?  This is a book that provides encouragement, hope and answers to the many question one might have, teaching that there is only one path to Heaven – and that is Jesus Christ. 

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