Highly Recommended As Either A Personal Study or For A Small Group Study

Study the Book of Revelation, chapter by chapter. Many want to understand the Book of Revelation, but are overwhelmed by the nature and content. In this exciting book, Larry Adams has made it possible (notice I didn’t say easy) to understand the Book of Revelation.  This is not a hard to understand book, but one that will take dedication and time to digest.  The author has put forth an incredible study into this book of the Bible and reveals that it is really an exciting book that we all should put aside time to study.  Here and now in our day and time, we may very well being seeing the pages of this book unfold before our very eyes – with that thought in mind - hold on tight, get comfortable and delve into a book that is worth the study and exploration. 

Additionally, the book offers a fresh perspective that will provide a better understanding of John’s revelation without a lot of theological dogma that most can’t understand.  This book is one that doesn’t take a college degree to finish, nor understand, and comes highly recommended as either a personal study or for a small group study. 

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A highly recommended read ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 stars, CBM Christian Book Reviews.

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