Here is what others are saying about this highly sought after end times prophecy novel.

Strikingly Comforting!! This is an excellent demonstration of a story capable of intertwining scripture into the actual story-line. Knowing what the bible says for such a time as is depicted in SCARS, the author is still able to provide intrigue, mystery, suspense and emotion. Absolutely loved this work and thought it strong writing seeing post rapture events through a child's eye. - N. Thomas, Amazon reviewer

Scars is a very powerful story about the prophecies of Revelation as seen through the eyes of a teenaged girl. Patience Prence does a marvelous job of switching the scenes back and forth between what is the present state of mind and condition of Rebekah and the events which led to that situation. Both the characters and the plot are very well developed. Unlike other End Times novels, Scars does not get bogged down with in-depth theological discussions of the prophecies and, instead, presents the major points along with the consequences for the actions of the characters. Patience Prence succeeds in telling an exciting and emotionally moving story while also presenting a very believable interpretation of the events foretold in the book of Revelation. Very well done! - Sheila Rae Myers, Author

This end time prophecy novel is available in audio book at Books In Motion. You will not be disappointed. Be sure to visit the author Patience Prence at Amazon.

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