A Book That Reads Like A Movie

A new book release, authored by Mark Lowery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author shares the progression of one man's faith.  Through a series of text messages, Taran Johnson, tries to win back his wife, Imani, the love of his life.  Not accepting phone calls from him, Taran resorts to the only way he can make himself heard, through text messaging. 

A series of over 51 messages reveal his story, his past pledge and his current and progressing plummet into despair.  Led into a journey through loneliness and heartache, Taran, finds himself through finding the One that would promise to never leave him, nor forsake him – Jesus Christ. 

Engaging, endearing, unique and heartwarming, this story relates to all of our lives as we journey through life.  Addressing such issues as loneliness, fear and insecurity, the author creates a book that emulates faith as the character; Taran, re-visits a lifestyle that he has long left behind.  The storyline is amazing as it is interesting, revealing an understanding to the human condition, in that we all require love and the only place to find "true love" is in the person of Jesus Christ.  This is a storyline that speaks "movie" all over it!  

A wonderful and highly recommended read! receiving 9.8 out of 10.0 stars. Get your copy of He PromiseD Nvr 2 LeaV Me at Book Masters. It is also available at Amazon in paperback and in Kindle Edition.

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