Love Never Fails - the true meaning of sisterhood

A delightful and uplifting novel about the power of sisterly love and self-acceptance Multi-published author Mz. Modesty portrays the true meaning of sisterhood in Sisters Just Love Strong, an endearing and captivating novel, proving that love runs deep.  Jamilia, Jackie, Jerri and Jessie are Chicago's most beloved sister foursome.  Closer than close, they develop a strong bond of family, embracing the mother they adore and the father that is their hero.  The city knows them well and they are well respected within their community.  As the years pass, struggles come and with the passing of their mother, they are confronted with some deep issues from the past.  Left devastated, Jamilia is left feeling betrayed, angry, confused and helpless from the deliberate exclusion of her sisters due to her manipulation and control tactics.   Codependency plays an insidious role in the family dynamics, still love keeps all these sisters rooted and grounded together.  Displaying that love never fails, come discover the bonds that can tear a family apart and the bond of love that can put them back together again. 

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